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IF you love a puzzle look no further than this tricky challenge that's doing the rounds on TikTok.

The concept is simple: can you navigate three lines around a page without getting into a tangle?

It all starts with three pairs of boxes.

Drawing a line to match up the pairs sounds easy enough – until you realise space is limited.

The challenge is to draw a line from one to the other without causing the lines to clash with each other.

As revealed by TikTok user Yanri, you'll need to draw out the six squares and digits as seen in the video first.

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Then you can commence the puzzle.

"The position is different and more difficult," the video maker said.

"How did you manage to do it?"

The user then reveals how they solved the puzzle with apparent ease on a piece of paper.

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If you loved that puzzle, you might also want to try a colourful optical illusion that reveals how your brain can change the colour of objects.

Japanese psychologist and artist Akiyoshi Kitaoka created the illusion to show how moving objects can trick our brain into guessing their colour rather than observing it accurately.

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There's also another which hides an A-list celeb image within a strange series of dots.

It's difficult to see, but a megastar's portrait is hidden among the dots that make up the brain-frazzling optical illusion.

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