You're storing your vacuum cleaner in the WRONG place and it's causing that horrible stale smell | The Sun

PUTTING your vacuum cleaner in a cupboard may not be the best idea.

While it may seem harmless, small spaces may be causing that horrible stale smell when your machine is on.

According to Currys, you actually need to store you vacuum in a well-ventilated area.

"It can be stored in the corner of a room (utility room or living room) which will also allow for easy access as well as the vacuum being kept in a well ventilated space," the retailer told the MailOnline.

Somewhere like under the stairs isn't great either – unless you have an air purifier or ventilator in there with it.

The firm says you can also keep your vacuum smelling nice by avoiding any strong-smelling foods on your kitchen floor.

It's also advised to regularly clean the dust bag, dust cap and filter system.

It comes as new research reveals that Brits are keeping hold of old, unused tech around the house.

Nearly half (48 per cent) admitted to have a disused vacuum cleaner, the poll of 2,050 people suggests.

Over two-thirds (68 per cent) have kept an old coffee machine, iron or vacuum cleaner stashed away too.

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To encourage people to part with their old goods, Currys' trade-in schemes allows people to hand in an old device, even if it’s completely broken, in exchange for a minimum of 10 per cent saving on a new purchase.

When it comes to maintaining your coffee machine there are some important tips too.

You should remember to wipe down the nozzle regularly after use.

Ensure you deep clean the water reservoir once a week and fill it with filtered water where possible.

And descale your machine at least four times a year.

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